Saturday, April 19, 2008

Am I Hearing Double?

In 1988 I purchased the CD single 'Gliding' by Swiss duo Double. The song had an almost ethereal dreamlike quality that lured the listener into another world. It certainly did that for me as I listened to the track relentlessly. Aahhhh the advantages of the then new digital format over my ole 45's. I recalled the earlier hit by Double from 1986, 'The Captain Of Her Heart' but it took me a few more years to obtain a CD copy of that track, via a Time Life 2CD compilation of 1986 hits, as part of a series covering the 80s.

Double were formed in 1981 (with prior links to 'euro-synth' outfit Yello) and at the core of the group were Kurt Maloo and Felix Haug. Their sound infused a variety of disparate musical styles and instruments to form a kind of jazz-pop amalgam, hauntingly appealing to the ear. Regrettably though, beyond 'The Captain Of Her Heart' (U.S. #16, U.K. #8 and OZ #64) Double didn't double up on their chart success, and the group parted ways after the release of their final selt titled album from which 'Gliding' was lifted.

As 'The Captain Of Her Heart' has been readily available over the years on various retro compilations, I've decided to offer a link to the lesser known, but in my humble opinion equally as good, song 'Gliding'.
Now tell me if this song doesn't just make you feel like your floating on airwaves :)

And salute to 'The Captain Of Her Heart' via this YouTube clip:

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