Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm the Human Cannonball

'Human Cannonball' was Webb Wilder's only Australian top 100 hit reaching #73 in mid 1990. The song was lifted from the 1989 album 'Hybrid Vigor'. At the time of its release I was a young, apparently carefree and most typically foolish adolescent. Why this song resonates with me almost 20 years later is that it brings forth vivid recollections of cruising local city streets with friends on a Friday night, keen to forget about what ever employment related responsibilities we had, and eager to reconnect with that sense of freedom that seemed to be fast fading away. Whether we were on our way to a movie or to see a band, the soundtrack that blared forth from the stressed speakers in my little Ford Laser hatch was permanently etched into my museum of recollection, forever to be associated with that place, that time, those friends, those adventures.
We were all metaphorically speaking 'Human Cannonballs', if only for a fleeting moment, before the world reminded us once more of the responsibilities of adulthood.
The artist himself Webb Wilder enjoyed moderate success in his native U.S.A. releasing 7 studio albums and 2 live sets from the mid 80s through to now. 'Hybrid Vigor' was his second album and though failing to reach the mainstream charts, certainly reached the playlist for Retro Universe.
Blast off with the fun of the promo clip below.
It's a buzz, it's a gas, it's a real scream ;)

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