Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Song Worlds Apart

Cock Robin formed in 1984 and were largely the brainchild of singer/songwriter Peter Kingsbery. Kingsbery was joined on vocals byAnna Lacazio, with Clive Wright and Louis Molino III rounding out the quartet. The group initially enjoyed more success in Europe (especially France) and the U.K. with the single 'The Promise You Made' (lifted from their debut self titled LP) reaching #28 on the British charts. Another single from the same album 'When Your Heart Is Weak' reached #35 on the Billboard charts in mid '85.

In spite of having an appealing commercial image and sound, Cock Robin failed to live up to their initial promise. They carried on though essentially as the vocal duo of Kingsbery and Lacazio. In 1989 they released the album 'First Love/Last Rites' overseen by veteran producer Rhett Davies (who had worked with Roxy Music and Icehouse previously).

From that album the epic track 'Worlds Apart' was released as a single but aside from charting in some European markets the song sadly didn't capture the interest of the record buying public. I purchased the 45 on vinyl and later the album on CD.

Check out the promo clip for the song - a classic black and white effort (they were all the rage in the late 80s).

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