Monday, April 21, 2008

A Sleeping Talent Awoken

'Great Expectations' was the aptly titled 1992 debut album for British born songstress Tasmin Archer. For on the basis of her song 'Sleeping Satellite' the world was justified in thinking great things lay ahead for the then 19 year old. The song was a smash in the U.K. spending 2 weeks at #1, and made an impact on both the U.S. and Australian charts. Archer won a Brit Award in 1993 for Best British Breakthrough Act. But she could not duplicate her initial commercial success.

Her follow up album, 1994's 'Shipbuilding' was a curious choice of artistic direction as it was an album entirely of Elvis Costello covers - nothing against Elvis Costello, he is a damn fine artist - but the album failed to capitalise on the foundation laid by 'Great Expectations'.

Archer made the top 50 on her home singles charts on another five occasions but didn't score another top 50 album. Her most recent recording is 2006's 'On'.

I originally purchased 'Sleeping Satellite' on cassingle. Remember them? I obtained the song on a CD compilation a couple of years later and am very pleased to have a copy of the promo clip on a DVD compilation.

The promo clip is very cool and reminds me of a couple of other clips from around that time (actually a bit earlier), Michael Penn's 'No Myth' and R.E.M.'s 'Losing My Religion'.
Check it out here:

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