Sunday, April 20, 2008

One Simple Song

Stabilizers were a pop-rock duo that hailed from Pennsylvania in the U.S. (another pop duo - is it just me or is there a theme forming on this blog). Though forming in 1984 they didn't release their debut album 'Tyranny' until 1986. 'Tyranny' not only marked the groups first album, it also marked their last. Vocalist Dave Christenson and guitarist Rich Nevens went their separate ways soon after.

The single lifted from 'Tyranny' was 'One Simple Thing'. I first heard it via the promo clip which was played as a new release on the ABC's late night music program Rage. I remember it was June 1987 because the clip followed a special Rage marathon featuring The Beatles - in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sgt. Pepper album. Had I not been a fanatic of all things Beatles and decided to stay awake all night watching the Rage special, I probably would never have come across 'One Simple Thing'. That would have been a loss, as the song is a classic 80s pop gem.

But alas like so many others it failed to yield a commercial return on the charts, spending just 3 weeks on the Billboard charts (#93) and only one week on the Australian charts (#100) - probably the week that I purchased it ;)

You'll find the promo clip for 'One Simple Thing' via the following YouTube link. Surprise surprise it's another arty black and white effort. And is it just me or where duster coats all the fashion in the late 80s.

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