Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Bam Boooooooooooo!

Big Bam Boo were the British/Canadian duo of Simon Tedd and the oddly named Shark. They released only one album, 1987's 'Fun, Faith & Fairplay'. Comparisons could be drawn to The Proclaimers, both in that fact that they were a duo, but also stylistically in their melding of catchy vocal melodies with clever acoustic guitar riffs.

They failed to make an impact on the charts with the two singles released, 'Fell Off A Mountain' and 'Shooting From My Heart' but I purchased both songs on vinyl 45 format at the time. My personal favourite is 'Fell Off A Mountain' but it failed to get any higher than base camp on the charts. 'Shooting From My Heart' shot rather lamely to #61 on the U.K. charts in early '89.

I'm surprised the duo didn't fare better in commercial terms. They reminded me a lot of Australia's Tall Tales & True. I've no idea what the reason was that Big Bam Boo only released one album - perhaps because of that lack of commercial success. They certainly had a favourable sound for that time - given the fact that The Proclaimers stormed international charts soon after. Maybe it was the Scottish accent they were missing.

Check out the cool-tastic video here:

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