Sunday, April 20, 2008

American English

One more post for today, and yes you guessed it, another 80s duo. This time the combined talents of ex-10CC member Graham Gouldman and hit 70s singer/songwriter Andrew Gold.

10CC were on extended sabatical when Englishman Gouldman and American Gold decided to extend their creative collaboration (Gold had contributed some tracks to 10CC's 'Ten Out Of Ten' album), under the pseudonum of Wax (not to be mistaken for the U.S. punk outfit of the '90s).
Gouldman's career extended back to the 60s with British group The Mindbenders ('A Groovy Kind Of Love'), then the Hotlegs ('Neanderthal Man') which morphed into 10CC. Along with Eric Stewart, Gouldman wrote some of the biggest hits of the 70s including 'I'm Not In Love'. Gold is the son of a Hollywood composer and forged a career during the 70s with the hits 'Thankyou For Being A Friend' (yes later used as a the theme on 80s sitcom 'The Golden Girls') and 'Lonely Boy'.
With that kind of songwriting pedigree Wax couldn't miss, and they didn't. Their first album 'Magnetic Heaven', released in 1985, realised the hit 'Right Between The Eyes' (U.S. #43 & Oz #68). It should have charted a lot higher in my humble view but a songs chart position doesn't always (or even often) reflect its quality.

They really struck paydirt though with the first single from their sophmore LP 'American English'. 'Bridge To Your Heart' was the purest form of pop music brilliance. Record buyers thought likewise and propelled the song to #12 in the U.K. and #17 in Australia in 1987. I associate the song strongly with the period during which I became a bank clerk. Not a great period in respect of my career choices but the music of the period helped to keep my spirits up.

Wax on, wax off......wax on!!!!

You can enjoy the groovy promo clip for the song here:

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